Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Page France - ...And the Family Telephone

Page France's final record abounds with warm, indie tones, with Michael Nau's singing providing the last bit to finish off the traditional folk feel of most of the songs. Trumpets and xylophones are used to accent the rest of the band, and are well placed throughout the record. I'd have to say the first band that comes to mind is the Moldy Peaches, but a bit more serious. If you like fun indie-folk, you may just like Page France.

1. Ruby Ring Man
2. Wet Dog Afternoon
3. Mr. Violin and Dancing Bear
4. Be My Pianist
5. Pigeons
6. Hat and Rabbit
7. Belly to the Sea
8. Belly in the Fish
9. Rooster and Its Crow
10. Joker's Joke
11. Here's a Telephone
12. Beggar's Table Legs
13. Circus Head (Nobody Knows)
14. Casting Day



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