Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sleepercar - West Texas

Jim Ward's (ATDI/Sparta) foray into alt-country. YES, I realize I've been posting a ton of the genre lately (for about the past month), but punk rock is soon to come, I promise. Anyways, Ward incorporates some lap steel guitar and other instruments indigenous to country music, as well as riffs and chords that support the tone of the record. To best describe it, think of it as Dustin Kensrue's record, plus a ton of instrumentation and production. It's apparent that Ward put a lot of time and effort into this record, and it shows.

1. A Broken Promise
2. Wasting My Time
3. Fences Down
4. Wednesday Nights
5. Kings & Compromises
6. Heavy Weights
7. Sound the Alarm
8. End of a Year
9. You Should Run
10. All Will End Well
11. Stumble In


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Anonymous said...

this record has been one of my favorite records of all time