Friday, November 7, 2008

This Providence - The Sunday Best EP

This Providence puts together some sugary pop-punk (think Simple Plan), but I chose to post this album over their others because I feel like it has a more unfinished edge to it that sounds like it was recorded before pop-punk really took off. It really does have a demo-like quality to it that bares some honesty in the music and how the band pieces everything together. For the most part, it's catchy and you may find yourself liking the vintage, off-key pop-punk feel of it. Oh, and I couldn't find album artwork larger than 100 pixels, so I just threw in one of the band.

1. Alpha
2. The Missing Page
3. Is This Life?
4. My Dream Is You
5. Picture Day
6. Taking Back Control
7. I Think Youre Wonderful
8. Contradictions
9. Omega


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